Bats: The Myths and the Facts

On Tuesday, April 23, North Branford Land Conservation Trust (NBLCT) is sponsoring a program, Bats: The Myths and Facts, at the newly renovated Hall (TotoketTV), 999 Foxon Road (Rte. 80), North Branford.

Maureen Heidtmann, a licensed wildlife bat rehabilitator, will dispel the myths and extoll the benefits of these small, fuzzy, insect-gobbling marvels.

Fact or fiction: Bats are mice with wings; vicious, blind creatures that get tangled in your hair.
 “If you hold any of these things to be true, you’re wrong - but you’re not alone,” said Heidtmann. “In fact, bats are timid. They are not blind. They feed on a number of insect pests and are a viable alternative to using pesticide. The once common little brown bat can consume thousands of mosquitoes in an evening, including those that carry disease.”

Over the past 25 years, Heidtmann, a biologist and Master Wildlife Conservationist, has helped injured bats and conducted voluntary field research with Bat Conservation International. As part of this program, Heidtmann will include bat artifacts and live educational bats.


This popular, not to be missed family friendly program will start at 6:30 pm. Parking is available across from the North Branford Hall at the North Branford Congregational Church. For more information, contact Bonnie at 203-605-5509.