NBLCT President's Annual Meeting Address 2015


Welcome to the June 3, 2015 annual meeting of the NBLCT! 

This meeting is mostly a formality.  Our regular meetings cover the meat and potatoes of what we do.  Please join us!  

I won’t go through the list of all the accomplishments our small group has made in recent years.  Our secretary, Otto Schaefer has drafted a list highlighting some of our achievements and some of the projects we have in the works. If you’re a member, you got one in the mail, if not, there are copies here. 
5 or 6 years ago, we literally had 5 or 6 members.  Now we are closer to 100.  We've come a long way (and it seems as if I say this every year) but we still have a very long, way long, way to go. 

There are almost 6500 households in NB.  With a membership of just 100 in the NBLCT, means we have less than 2% of our community involved with protecting our town’s farms, fields and woodlands. The character of this town is in good part made up of these open spaces. In stark contrast, almost 25% of the households in Guilford are members the Guilford Land Conservation Trust. 

It took several years for us to get all our ducks back in a row.  Now we can focus on what a Land Trust is supposed to do.  A lot of great work by just a few, very dedicated and passionate members.   For those who have made us who we are today, you should all be proud of what we have accomplished so far.  Together, we are making a difference in our town.  Thank you!

Some of us are still wearing too many hats and we have piles of empty shoes to fill.  We need more members to fill more shoes in just about every activity imaginable. 

Donating your time and energy can be challenging and it takes effort.  But it's a cause you believe in, it couldn’t be better time spent.  It’s a very rewarding feeling, to do something you know that directly impacts your town and your back yard.  As a volunteer in the NBLCT, you can actually see what you’re accomplishing - and learn about everything from trees to ticks along the way.

You too can make a difference in our town.  And everyone in our town will benefit from our work to protect our town’s most valuable assets.  But you have to make a decision to set aside some time for your Land Trust.  Join us at one of our regular meetings and see how you can fit in.  And, PLEASE, become a member! It won’t break the bank and it would be nice to show our neighbors – this sleepy little town is wide awake and paying attentionJ  


David Sargent, President
North Branford Land Conservation Trust, Inc.