NBLCT President's Newletter May 2013

President's Letter 2013

Welcome to the NBLCT Annual meeting and Trails Day event.

As we all know open space is essential to any community.  Once developed, it rarely reverts back to its natural state.  Local land trusts such as ours are in a unique position to help protect this land. Our state has a goal, a mandate, called the ‘Green Plan’.  Its purpose is to preserve 21% of land through out the state as open space over the coming years.  That’s about 113,000 more acres they need to make this possible. They are relying in part on land trusts like ours to partner with and help them achieve this goal.  We have to make it a point to become part of this story.

Last year at this time I spoke of the re-birth of this land trust.  A lot of hard work and effort by our small group has paid off. We should all be very proud of what we have accomplished so far.  Last I checked we had 43 ‘likes’ on FB. We’ve only been on FB for 2 weeks

Back in last October, Otto and I attended a local Land Trust Directors Summit held in Branford by Amy Patterson of the CLCC.  Out of those that attended, maybe 2 of our neighbors knew we existed.  Now that we have our ducks in a row, it’s time to let the rest of the town and the state know who we are.

We need human and financial resources to preserve the gems in our town  before they are put up to the highest bidder and while state funds are available.  To do this, we need to focus on building our membership.

We also have to protect and maintain what we have.  We have a good start on this, but we really need more help here too and involvement from others.  So today, with the boards blessing, I’d like to introduce the new position of ‘Community Service Liaison’ to the NBLCT.  Dana Auger has offered to fill this post.  She has offered to  recruit volunteers from our town and local organizations to help make our projects successful.  Welcome Dana.

As a note about Trails Day; thanks to groups like ours, CT Trails day has 267 registered outings, in 153 towns on over 575 miles of trails this year.       It’s the largest Trails Day celebration in the Country!

At this time, I’d like to present this years’ coveted ‘Boundary Marker Award’.  Let’s have a rousing round of applause for Art Feldman for his endless and selfless dedication to our land trust. 

Thank you all for coming and for those of you who are new to us, I hope you will consider joining.  Also, we usually meet on the 1st Wed. of each month in Community Room of the Atwater Library.  I look forward to another great year.  Happy trails!
David Sargent, President