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Annual Meeting , Wednesday, June 5th 5:30 pm Millpond Tavern

NBLCT will be holding their annual meeting on Jun 5th at 5:30 pm at the Millpond Tavern in Northford. Our guest speaker is Alden Page. Learn more about a piece of North Branford history. Alden Page, son of Robert & Stephanie Page, will be highlighting the history of the Page family in North Branford. The Page family currently operates a Maple Tree, dairy and hay farm, on Totoket Road in North Branford. Alden will be discussing how the family settled in North Branford in the late 1600’s. He will share how the family started a lumber yard, started farming and established a bottling plant, and how the farm has evolved into the dairy farm / hay production business it is today. Light refreshments will be served. A short business meeting follows the event.