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About North Branford Land Conservation Trust


A Note About Who We Are

The North Branford Land Conservation Trust was established in 1968.  For many years the Land Trust lay dormant.  In 2010, by appointing himself as “acting  president”, Otto Schaefer led a great effort with only a handful of remaining members to revive the Land Trust. He organized monthly meetings, wrote a series of articles in the Totoket Times and held talks and tours, to promote and encourage participation in the Land Trust.  

Today, we have a full board of energetic and dedicated volunteers. We are consistently expanding our membership and we are dedicated to being an active organization preserving the rural character of North Branford. Protecting and maintaining the land we own is just a part of this effort. Working with the town, businesses and residents, we are actively working to acquire and preserve distinctive unprotected open space in town. We also hope to increase awareness of the value of open space through activities involving the community such as developing trails and nature education.

We meet the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm in the community room of the Atwater Library on Route 80.  All are welcome to join us and participate. 

David Sargent, President
North Branford Land Conservation Trust, Inc.